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3PL Fulfillment Pricing With No-Hidden-Fees

At Fulfyld, we believe in providing clear and transparent 3PL fulfillment pricing. No hidden fulfillment costs, no surprises! With strategically located fulfillment centers and below-industry-average shipping costs, we aim to maximize your bottom line.

  • Robust, Cloud-Based Order Management Software
  • Dedicated Account Management On-Site
  • Same-Day Shipping (for orders in by 1PM)
  • Free Integrations (Shopify, WooCommerce & More)
  • Flat-Rate Pricing with Simple Billing
  • Free, Standard Packaging Supplies
  • 48-hour Receiving Times
  • Up to 5 Free Picks

Manuela Houvardas
Collonil North America

"No matter what happens whether good or bad there is always a quick resolution. We have never had a question or problem go unanswered!"

Hebron Samuel
CEO, Cubit

“Timely and thorough replies from our account manager. Easy to use platform.”

Why Choose Fulfyld For Competitive Fulfillment Costs?

At Fulfyld, we know the right fulfillment provider can take your sales to the next level. That’s why our 3PL fulfillment services pricing is transparent with a competitive 3PL pricing model

Get top-notch services with affordable order fulfillment, shipping, inventory management, and account management fees!

Simple, Transparent Pricing With No Hidden Fees

Robust Order And Inventory Management Software

Volume Discounts To Minimize Shipping Costs

24/7 Dedicated Account Management For Unlimited Support

All-Inclusive Fulfillment Fee To Ship, Pick, And Pack Your Orders

As you grow, so do we

Our philosophy at Fulfyld is straightforward: as your success grows, our partnership thrives. The more you ship each month, the more savings you see per package, thanks to our unique 3PL order fulfillment pricing models. 

Leverage our transparent 3PL fulfillment pricing, where pick and pack, inclusion of marketing materials, and additional items don’t inflate your fulfillment costs

Say goodbye to hidden fulfillment fees and the hassle to calculate fulfillment costs. With Fulfyld at the heart of your fulfillment center operations, you’ll experience clarity, value, and unwavering commitment without burning a hole in your pocket!

Our 3PL Pricing Model Includes All The Services You Need

Dedicated Account Management

Our dedicated account managers provide immeasurable support throughout every step of the supply chain.

World Class Support

At Fulfyld, we prioritize your experience, offering unmatched support during every stage of the onboarding phase. Our commitment ensures a smooth transition without hidden fulfillment costs.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Standing out from the crowd, we proudly offer flat-rate pricing for our services, including pick and pack. Plus, benefit from unlimited support—whether it’s via phone or email, without added fulfillment fee surprises.

Simple Transparent Billing

You can calculate fulfillment costs without stress. Our transparent billing means no hidden fees, ever. The price you see incorporates all aspects, from shipping costs to core services in our fulfillment centers.

Unlimited Integrations

Our flexibility is unmatched. Whether you need integration with a common cart or a niche platform, our open API ensures we can connect to almost anything, optimizing your 3PL software pricing.

Exclusive 3PL Fulfillment Discounts

As partners in your growth, we offer exclusive 3PL fulfillment discounts. Our aim is to bolster your business’s growth while ensuring cost efficiency for you.

Check Out More of Our Order Fulfillment Features For Cost-Savings

Reliable 2-Day ShippingReliable 2-Day Shipping

Experience rapid delivery with our 2-day shipping. Fulfyld’s efficient fulfillment centers and competitive order fulfillment services pricing ensure your products reach customers quickly without breaking the bank.

Automated Inventory Management

Harness the power of advanced 3PL software pricing with our automated inventory system. Reduce manual errors, avoid stockouts, and enjoy 3PL fulfillment discounts, ensuring a streamlined operation while keeping fulfillment fees in check.

Efficient Returns ManagementEfficient Returns Management

Returns don’t have to be a hassle or cost-intensive. With our optimized return process, you not only save on potential account management fees but also elevate customer satisfaction.

Tailored Packaging

Our tailored packaging solutions, combined with cost-effective pick and pack services, ensure you present the best to your customers without hidden fulfillment fee surprises. With Fulfyld, calculate fulfillment costs confidently, knowing you’re receiving the best value.

Check Out Our Reveiws!

Hear from our valued clients about their experiences with our shipping services and how we have helped them achieve their shipping goals.

Robert Kozlenko
Robert Kozlenko
September 22, 2022.
I've been using Outside the Box shipping for many years and have always received great service, helpful staff, and have never had an issue. Thus I am surprised as to what happened with my last package. This past Sunday 9/17, I needed to mail a merchandise return to a known vendor that deals with expensive goods. The package was relatively light, in a white bubble envelope, with a FedEx Express label. I arrived at Outside the Box shipping between 12p and 1p, probably in the first half of the hour. The store was busy with many packages lined up to be shipped out. An employee approached me and asked me if they could help me, and I said I needed to ship my package, it was prepaid with FedEx. The employee took my package and said thanks, you're all set. I usually ask for the package to be scanned in so I get a receipt, but not always. I've used this business for many years and have never had an issue. I decided to risk it and not insist on a scan receipt. I said thanks and went back home. I noticed later that night (Sunday) that the package had not been scanned in by the store, but I assumed it would be by FedEx the next day during pickup, as the store website states there is no Fedex pickup on Sunday. On Monday evening I noticed there was still no scan, but waited until Tuesday morning, where I sent a message to the business, asking for assistance, to see if the FedEx pickup was late, or if they could check to see if my package was sitting on a shelf or something. No one ever replied to my message through their website. Tuesday afternoon I also called the store and asked the person who answered if FedEx had come to pickup packages. He confirmed they had and assured me that it sometimes takes a few days for the scan to show up and to check again the next day. On Wednesday (yesterday) I found the store's email address and this time emailed them instead of sending a message using their website form. Again I asked for any assistance and to see if the package was sitting somewhere in the store. Again no response. Yesterday in the afternoon I called the store again and asked for assistance, I provided all the information above, what the package looks like, when I came in, etc. The person on the phone was polite, checked their computer systems and claimed that it was never scanned in their store. I of course agreed (my mistake for never getting that scan), and again asked if maybe the package was sitting somewhere, or maybe it fell under something? The employee explained that it was not there and after this amount of time everything would have been shipped out. The employee then confirmed that FedEx scans the packages when they pick them up. Finally the employee said that he recommends that next time I ship a package, to make sure I get it scanned. Good advice. So currently I have a missing package, Outside the Box Shipping states its not there, FedEx states they never got it. I have no proof because I didn't insist on a scan. Luckily I reached out to the vendor, explained the situation and they are sending me a replacement product. I do not know what happened to my package and who is ultimately responsible, FedEx or the store. I am disappointed, and am writing this review to bring attention to what happened. I highly recommend that if you drop off a package, get it scanned with a receipt. Update 1: Sergey, the owner reached out to me a bit after I posted this review and was very nice and polite with me. They confirmed on camera that I dropped off the package, and it had been scanned in their systems. An employee may have mis-keyed my tracking number when I gave it to him yesterday. Sergey admitted fault for the situation, and explained that the package was missorted, dropped into a FedEx ground outgoing and not FedEx express. He has promised to reach out to their FedEx partner to get them to get the package to the right place. I appreciate the assistance and am updating the review because the service is really top notch. Hopefully this will resolve itself shortly. Update 2: Tracking is active, package is in Newark hub!
Michael Giordano
Michael Giordano
September 16, 2022.
Great addition to the neighborhood, in and out very quickly. Never any issues.
chesky sussman
chesky sussman
September 7, 2022.
A real pleasure to deal with. Excellent service and people.
Claude Regis
Claude Regis
September 6, 2022.
Andrew was very helpful and professional. I was in and out of my I9 appointment in less than 10 mins.
Rob Perelmuter
Rob Perelmuter
August 31, 2022.
I needed to ship some items to my son overseas. The person that helped me at the store Stephanie was very helpful and very knowledgeable and made the process very easy. I would highly recommend using them.
Jasur Narziev
Jasur Narziev
August 15, 2022.
When moved to this neighborhood visited first time for package drop off,service was really quick and it took less then minutes,Staff is amazing.Thank you so much guys. Now your customers +1🤟🏻😎
alyssa gross
alyssa gross
August 10, 2022.
Out of the box shipping will get you in and out the door really quick with great service, friendly staff and the temperature is nice and cool during the summer months. Thank you for meeting all my shipping needs!
Jherlin Nuñez
Jherlin Nuñez
July 26, 2022.
Thank you Daniel and Olivia for helping me with the fingerprint process. Very friendly staff.

Effortlessly Integrate Your Ecommerce Platforms At Competitive Fulfillment Fees

Choose Fulfyld over other fulfillment companies and enjoy transparent, all-inclusive pricing without hidden account management fees. Experience the best value in fulfillment cost today!

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Simple, Transparent Pricing
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Free Shopping Cart & Marketplace Integrations
  • Secure Storage & Warehousing
  • Reliable same-day shipping
  • Cost-effective returns management for all fashion items

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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about our service.

Our shipping rates are based on various factors such as package dimensions, weight, destination, and the type of service selected. To get an accurate quote, we recommend using our rate calculator or contacting our customer support.

Our shipping rates are based on various factors such as package dimensions, weight, destination, and the type of service selected. To get an accurate quote, we recommend using our rate calculator or contacting our customer support.

Our shipping rates are based on various factors such as package dimensions, weight, destination, and the type of service selected. To get an accurate quote, we recommend using our rate calculator or contacting our customer support.

Our shipping rates are based on various factors such as package dimensions, weight, destination, and the type of service selected. To get an accurate quote, we recommend using our rate calculator or contacting our customer support.